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A change is imminent. Everyday, millions of single use coffee cups add to the growing tide of landfill trash polluting our planet.


The creators of the Rebel Racer Coffee Company asked themselves,


"For the love of java, how can we make a difference?

Easy! Supply the world with reusable coffee cups, so pollution can be avoided!"


And so the spirit of the Rebel Racer was born.


Take a sip, savour the flavour…here’s to the spirit of the Rebel Racer.


With the purchase of this cup, you are joining a movement of like-minded thinkers, rockers, rollers and everyday heroes. We can all enjoy an ounce of freedom in our own minds and dream a little.


So stick it to the man. Say no to unnecessary waste!


Let's look after this beautiful planet. We hope you find some inspiration for your everyday grind in this cup. We trust you will be  enlightened by its mojo contents.


Welcome to the movement.

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