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Ducati Café, Roma

Ducati café is located in the heart of Roma, and is a Ducati concept restaurant and lounge bar.

Ducati was founded by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons in 1926 in Bologna. Since 2012, Ducati is owned by Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini. Ducati is one of the most famous motorbike brands in the world and is famous for its red motorcycle body envied by many.

The Ducati café aims to provide a meeting place for all those who own or desire having a Ducati motorcycle. The food area is informal and friendly with music played in the background sometimes with a live band. With its modern, sporty atmosphere the café is stylish and customers can admire the Ducatis on display. From breakfast to lunch and dinner the Ducati café is a perfect blend of food authenticity, creative gastronomic combinations and painstaking attention to detail.

There is also a merchandising area within the café with the latest Ducati brand apparel.

Ducati cafes have also been open in Seoul and Dubai with plans to open more in the USA.

Rebel Racer will be heading to Ducati Café this summer, we will update this article with a review of the motorbikes, food and coffee in August.

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